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Room Spray

Room Spray

With many scents to choose from, our room sprays are perfect for refreshing bathrooms, bedrooms, couches, linens, and more! 


Scents Available

P R I D E: Our limited edition scent to honor Pride Month. Fun & fruit-filled blend of citrus, cherry, peach, and vanilla. 100% of sales for this scent are donated to help support LGBTQ+ mental health services.


Clouds of Lavender: Is this heaven? Coconut water, lavender, vanilla, and a little eucaplyptus mingle in a blend that is just *chefs kiss* sweet perfection.


Laundry Day: Like like doing a fresh load of laundry, without the work. Notes of fresh linen, moon flower, and warm patchouli and vanilla base.


Persephone: An elevated version of clean linen. Mixed with lavender and hints of sandalwood.


Luna: An out-of-this-world combination of crisp white tea, light florals, and grapefruit.

  • Usage

    • Gently shake bottle
    • From about 8-10" away, spray one or two pumps into the room or fabric you are freshening up
    • Refresh as much as you would like to!
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$3.75Sale Price


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